Ring4 : Unlimited Virtual Phone Number for Android

Ring4 allows you to set up a second phone number for calls and text messages, whether for business or personal use.

Not just a second phone line or eSIM, Ring4 numbers support HD video conferencing, voicemail, call recording, robotic call blocking, international calls, prefix selection and more.

You have endless possibilities for text messaging, calling and video conferencing.

The new U.S number with area code in seconds or search for cell lines in 3 different countries: Canada, France, United Kingdom,.

Make or receive local and international calls without roaming! Notable features include Wi-Fi calling, call and text message recording, emoticon sending and antispam.

☆ Job Number: The area code of your company’s second phone line.
☆ Video conferencing: Start a video conference with a single click and share the meeting link with your colleagues.
☆ Unlike Zoom, you do not need an application to join a meeting.
☆ International calls: Local or international phone numbers with WiFi calling and roaming.

Adding a line to your cell phone gives you the ability to redirect calls to a specific line, improving your call control and your ability to do business, and it’s a valuable business and personal tool.” Scott Attorney

I started using Ring4 when I opened the online store, so I didn’t have to use my personal (home phone number). I really liked that I could get another number with a local code and it wasn’t too expensive.” Shopping centers

• Creating and managing multiple phone lines makes creating an email account much easier.
• United States. select city number and area code, eg San Francisco (415), New York (212), Los Angeles (310).
• HD video conferencing for up to 5 people at an unlimited rate
• There is no numeric keypad
• contact list
• Text and picture messages with emoticons (SMS and MMS support)
• Telephone records
• Block unwanted calls and robot calls
• Hello people
• Search for voicemail and rewrite voicemail
• No collision mode

♡ United States. countries and more than 40 international calls including Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom and others and others’ amp.

♡ Ring4 uses for voice calls and SMS internet connection (WiFi, 4G or LTE recommended) instead of Google Voice, Sideline or OpenPhone

▪︎ Monthly subscriptions include unlimited calls, text messages and video conferencing starting at $ 9.99 per month for phone lines

Free Trial:
☆ One-time users receive 20 free credits for creating their first phone line
☆ 0 credits for receiving calls – FREE!
☆ 10 points for creating 1 new virtual number valid for 1 week
☆ 5 credits for calls to the US or abroad
☆ 5 credits for video conferencing
☆ 1 credit for sending SMS

○ Payments will be charged by credit card and processed through the Stripe service.
○ Enable monthly automatic renewal of Ring4 numbers and unlock unlimited calling and SMS schedules
○ Subscription includes an automatic renewal line for unlimited calls and SMS
○ The subscription will automatically renew if the automatic renewal is not closed 24 hours before the end of the current period
○ The account will need to be renewed within 24 hours of the end of this period and a merger fee will be charged
○ The current subscription is not canceled during the active subscription period.
○ No more than 3 subscriptions are allowed per account.

● Emergency calls and text messages to 911 are not supported
● May not always support text / short code sending

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