Libon – International calls for Android

Libon – The Best App for International Calls

Libon claims to offer users the best way to make international calls, and we couldn’t agree more! With rates that are up to 5x cheaper than competitors and the ability to make or receive calls on your Android, iPhone, PC or Mac, it’s no wonder why this app has been downloaded millions of times since its launch in 2008!

With so many amazing features and low-cost international calling service, this app really does have something for everyone! Read on to find out more about Libon.

Make Calls With Libon

Libon is an app available on Google Play and iOS. Libon offers a way to make international calls at cheaper rates, directly from your mobile phone.

It can be installed on any phone where Android or iOS is pre-installed or installed through an online installer (if you are using a Windows phone).

You can also use Libon on tablets that have Wi-Fi capability by installing Android applications using an emulator.

Libon works in over 40 countries and has both English and Spanish interface options, as well as easy user guides to help beginners get acquainted with its functionalities.

With it, users can make calls between any of these 40 countries at cheaper prices than other calling apps; there are no hidden charges or fees.

They can even call landlines in most countries for free. All they need to do is choose their destination country and enter their destination number into Libon’s search bar. After choosing their desired connection method, they just hit Call and wait for someone to pick up!

They will then hear a ringtone indicating when they should start talking. There are three different ways to connect: VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), SMS, and Dialer.

Each one has its own set of pros and cons, but all three allow users to make international calls from anywhere in the world.

VoIP is highly recommended because it allows them to talk for longer periods of time without worrying about excessive data usage—it uses internet data instead—and because it allows them to save money by not paying expensive roaming fees while abroad.

However, if they are unable to access internet data due to spotty coverage or lack thereof, they may want to opt for Dialer or SMS instead so that they can still communicate with loved ones back home.

Send Free Messages

Libon enables you to make and receive international calls via your smartphone, using a simple app that lets you send free text messages and make voice calls through WiFi.

The best part? Unlike most messaging apps that charge up to 20 cents per message, Libon doesn’t cost anything. You don’t even need an account—simply download the app to start sending free messages.

Best of all, no matter where you are in life or what phone you have, Libon is always accessible from any Wi-Fi connection (you can check coverage here).

This means it’s perfect for keeping in touch with friends and family when traveling abroad, as well as communicating with people outside of your country.

If you want to keep things local, simply change your location on their website and voila! You can call numbers across town at no extra cost.

Now there’s one less excuse not to stay connected! In addition to its innovative messaging service, Libon also offers voice calling services. With over 25 million minutes of calls made each month by its users, Libon gives you unlimited talk time for $5/month.

Once again, unlike many other similar services, there are no hidden fees or minimum usage requirements—you only pay if you use it.

When combined with unlimited texting, Libon is an excellent alternative to expensive carrier plans that can be difficult to afford while living abroad.

Additionally, since every message sent within Libon goes through WiFi instead of cellular data, using your new app will help save money on costly roaming charges!

Cheap International Calling Rates

We know international calling can be a hassle. That’s why we’ve taken out all of the legwork and frustration to make it as easy as possible to call over 100 countries.

From Albania to Zimbabwe, and Mexico to Malaysia, we give you great calling rates with an amazing app that works on any device! In fact, using Libon you can call internationally at low rates without even signing up!

And there are no contracts or hidden fees. Just press call and talk. So what are you waiting for? Download Libon now from Apple Store or Google Play and start saving on international calls today!

We do recommend that you register so you have your own account for personal details such as billing information or being able to block phone numbers.

But if you choose not to sign up for our service, then by all means enjoy making cheap international calls! With Libon, its never been easier to call overseas.

Call more places than ever before: Make cheap international calls directly from your iPhone or Android smartphone, tablet or laptop computer (PC/Mac).

No matter where you are in the world, use our free app to connect with friends and family abroad quickly and easily. With us its just one tap away – place a voice call in seconds!

Easy to Use, User-Friendly Interface

Libon’s interface is intuitive and easy to use, allowing users to take advantage of cheap international calls with just a few taps.

This alone makes Libon ideal for beginners, but even seasoned telecommuters will appreciate its clean layout. With colors ranging from soft blues to vibrant reds, you can change things up depending on your preferences or mood.

Whichever colors you choose, though, it’s all easy on your eyes. And while some apps are crowded with buttons, Libon keeps everything streamlined and simple.

You don’t have to search through a maze of buttons in order to find what you need—everything is right there in front of you.

This kind of straightforward design helps new users feel more comfortable trying out an app that allows them to make international calls at very low rates, which means they’re more likely to become regular customers who return again and again. In other words, Libon uses good design as a way to get people hooked on their product—and once they start using it regularly, there are plenty more features waiting for them!

No Data Connection Required

Unlike other apps, Libon’s calling features are always up and running. You don’t need an active data connection to make calls with friends, family or colleagues.

This makes it perfect if you’re traveling in a country where your phone plan doesn’t include roaming fees or you simply want to avoid high data charges.

Whether you have Wi-Fi or not, Libon works without any issues. No matter what country you’re visiting, now anyone is reachable at any time of day – no matter how far away they are!

And since Libon supports many different languages, there’s never been an easier way to talk to people from all over the world. So say goodbye to expensive international call bills and let Libon help you keep in touch on every trip! Download today and enjoy great quality conversations around the globe!

Get Free Credit by Inviting Friends!

How to use Libon to call international numbers without paying anything! When you use libon, credits are accumulated when your friends download and install Libon too.

Use those free credits to make international calls! To get started, sign up by downloading Libon (link is provided above) then invite your friends to do the same.

You’ll start accumulating credits right away! Don’t forget, you can also earn up to 100 free minutes of international calling if you download and use our app today.

Our service works around-the-clock with no limitations or expiration dates so feel free to call whenever you want! It’s quick and easy; there’s nothing better than an app that actually helps you save money while doing what you love. So, don’t wait any longer and start using Libon now!

It really does work! – Taylor H. I got my first 10 credits within a few hours of installing. – Isaac B. I’ve already made 3 calls with these free credits! – Kevin M. Free credit? I’m in! – Josh C.

Download Libon today and get your first 100 minutes of international calling for free! You can even use it to call any mobile or landline number worldwide without paying anything, ever.

It’s easy to start saving money right away, so what are you waiting for? Click download now and get started! We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Customer Support

In a perfect world, no one would ever need to use customer support. The reality is that bugs happen and good software takes time to write.

If you’re doing business with a company in any capacity, it’s worth giving them an opportunity to make things right. Most of us don’t like calling companies or waiting on hold, but sometimes resolving an issue can be as simple as making a phone call.

If you have issues with your app or service, here are three helpful tips

1) Ask yourself if there’s something you could’ve done differently to avoid having an issue.

2) Identify what went wrong and reach out to customer support as soon as possible.

3) Be clear about what happened and keep track of all relevant details (screenshots, dates/times, etc.).

When you communicate clearly and remain calm, even when frustrated, it makes everything easier.

Here are some useful resources: Customer Support Basics: How To Communicate With Companies Phone Etiquette:

12 Tips For Talking To Anyone On The Phone Over Email How To Write A Complaint Letter That Gets Results Writing Good Customer Service Emails (With Examples)

Other Features

If you are travelling around in other countries or with other people, Libon is a great app that allows you to use your calling credit and make calls at a fraction of what it costs to call internationally.

This app works on both Wi-Fi and cellular connection. To use it, make sure that you are connected to an internet connection because international calls require a data connection so that you can pay for them online when making your calls.

It is better not to use your roaming charges if possible because they cost way more than if you were using them at home.

The best thing about Libon is that it lets you top up credits via PayPal, which means that you don’t have to go out of your way to find a physical store.

You also get $10 free credit as soon as you download their app! In addition, they have some very nice features such as caller ID and voicemail transcriptions.

It also has many languages available including English, Spanish, French, German and Italian among others. All in all, Libon is one of those apps that everyone should have installed on their phone!

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