FreeTone Calls & Texting for Android

FreeTone Calls & Texting for Android

Unlimited free calls and SMS to all phone numbers in the United States and Canada. New toll-free numbers and voicemail.

No trial period, no hidden costs, completely free!

Make free calls and send free text messages to any phone number in the United States or Canada.

The app assigns you a number with your answering machine that allows you to make or send free calls to landlines and mobile phones.

Includes video calling functionality and the ability to participate in group chats.

Use your phone number to make free calls and send free text messages.

Give your friends the number specified by the app so they can call you and connect with others without paying, even if they don’t have the app installed. It is only available to people in the United States or Canada.

》 Calls to the US and Canada are 100% free – no refunds
》 Enjoy free text messages (SMS) and multimedia messages (MMS)

The only truly free calling app

As the best free calling and texting app, FreeTone gives you the best online calling experience.

Unlike other free calling apps, you don’t have to earn or pay a call balance.

Just call any number in the US or Canada and make free calls to landlines and cell phones.

New free and easy to use telephone service

▪︎ Free private number for your Android phone
▪︎ Free calls to all phone numbers in the United States and Canada
▪︎ Free SMS (real sms) to any number

■ Easy registration via email, Facebook or Google
■ Easy access to your account on all devices
■ EASY group messaging, free HD calls and video chat

● The best free calling app with unlimited SMS
● Better quality and speed of calls in the VoIP application
● Best coverage with free SMS to 40 countries

Share your favorite moments with your friends

Send and receive multimedia messages, large photos and videos to any device from your Android smartphone or tablet.

Invite your friends to join FreeTone and enjoy free video calling with them.

Easily send voice messages and notes, share photos and videos with your contacts.

Easily share text, photos and videos with your group of friends via group messaging.

Log in for free and decline payment

Unlike similar apps, you don’t have to pay or earn points to call any numbers in the US or Canada, regardless of whether they use the same app as you.

Watch out for small prints! FreeTone will not charge you for calls to the United States or Canada. Just make free calls and text messages for free.

FreeTone Characteristics

– Select the desired prefix during registration
– Make and receive free calls to the US and Canada
– Save phone minutes with new numbers and voice messages
– Send free SMS to more than 40 places in Mexico, Dominica, Brazil

– Enjoy free Wi-Fi calling and use your tablet like a real phone
– Can also call and send text messages to international numbers easily
– Invite your friends to open an HD video chat and more!

We hope to see you among us soon!

☆ FreeTone calls are free for outgoing calls to the United States and Canada
☆ The free tier does not support Hawaii, Alaska and some other areas
☆ Send free text messages to Latin America with fair use that balances inbound and outbound traffic
☆ The first 500 minutes of incoming calls to your personal number are free and you can answer incoming calls to your FreeTone number with minimal exension costs

☆ Free calls and SMS to US and Canadian numbers are only available to US and Canadian residents.
☆ We do not support emergency numbers
☆ Subject to the FreeTone Terms of Use

If you want free worldwide calls and text messages, freetone apk app is for you. With this app, you can make unlimited calls and text messages to USA, Canada and other countries for free.

This version is the premium version and the full credits can be downloaded for free from

FreeTone Calls & Texting Inc., Developed by Freetone. It belongs to the social apps category with over 5,000,000 installs on Google PlayStation and a 4.3 star rating, including over 100,000 rated reviews.

This makes it the best free calling app in the app.

Other than that, you can get unlimited free calls with this freetone premium apk as long as the person you are calling is also using a freetone android device.

There is no cost for SMS or MMS, so now you can take advantage of this feature by sending free SMS or MMS messages to others, even if they don’t have freetone apk software installed on their Android smartphone.

Free Number
With this free ringtone hacker, you can get a new phone number to make or receive support calls once.

You can give this number to your family and friends to receive their message later. It is also suitable for fun purposes like making video calls with friends using free ringtones.

The videos in this app are much better than other apps like Talkatone. Also, you can send pictures, audio and video for free. You can also send SMS and MMS without paying.

Easy Registration
Creating an account is easy! You can sign up via email, Facebook or Google.

You can then log into your account from any device by simply logging in with the same Google account used to create your account.

Unlimited Credit
With the free version of this free app, you can make free calls only to the US and Canada.

However, if you want to make calls to any other country, you will need to purchase their premium version, for which you will have to pay.

Fortunately, with our FreeTone application module, you can make unlimited calls anywhere in the world.

When it comes to prank calls, free calls are exciting. You can hate your friends indefinitely. There will be no hidden costs for this app. Also, with FreeTone Apk, you can make unlimited calls to any country in the world.

Enjoy this premium apk. If you have any questions about this apk, please comment below. Our team will contact you.

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