Fanytel – US Virtual Number for Android

Fanytel – The Best Way to Get a US Virtual Number

There are many international companies who want to do business in the United States but don’t have access to the US market because they can’t or don’t want to get a local phone number.

Many businesses and individuals who work with those businesses also want to be able to call the US easily, without having to pay for expensive long distance charges.

10 benefits of having a virtual number

There are so many benefits of having a virtual number that you should be using. And these days, you really don’t have an excuse not to get one: most companies offer solutions where you can get your very own virtual number for free.

Below, we take a look at some of these reasons and give you some tips on how to choose which one works best for your business.

1. They are more professional than calling cards: In today’s world, it is easy to forget that there was once a time when businesses would send customers calling cards instead of their direct numbers as they had no other way to contact them.

While sending customers calling cards might seem like something out of a bygone era, people still use calling cards today – but only in countries without toll-free numbers or virtual numbers.

These work much like traditional landlines and have no area code or local phone number – making them incredibly hard to remember!

4 ways virtual numbers save you time

1. Your business can now use an American phone number instead of relying on your personal cell, landline or VOIP number.

2. Your client’s calls are routed through Fanytel and there is no need for them to enter an international code when calling your virtual number from abroad.

3. You get a toll-free virtual number which anyone in any part of world can call without having to pay long distance charges.

4. Your business will be more appealing to potential clients who might otherwise be put off by a foreign number. In addition, you can set up multiple extensions with different numbers so that all employees have their own line with their own extension number.

For example: If you want salespeople to answer calls at extension 1001 and sales managers at extension 1002, then you could do that easily by setting up two separate extensions on your account.

And if you have multiple locations (for example: offices in New York City and San Francisco), then each location could have its own local area code as well! No matter what your needs are, Fanytel has a solution for you.

Our products come at affordable prices and they’re also flexible enough to meet virtually any requirement. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you!

15 reasons why getting a virtual number from Fanytel is smart:

1. It’s simple: All our plans include unlimited incoming calls and free forwarding features, allowing customers to make unlimited outgoing calls worldwide at absolutely no cost.

Our plans also include free voicemail transcription services so users don’t even have to listen to voicemails if they don’t want to!

5 ways you can make money with your virtual number

Since virtual numbers work just like regular numbers, they can be called from anywhere in any country. So, you can use your Fanytel number for many different things including these

* Work From Home: If you have an online business or want to start one, a virtual number is perfect for setting up shop and conducting all of your business calls over VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). This will allow you to run your business from anywhere in the world.

* Save Money: You can save money by using VoIP and calling internationally with some providers that charge as little as 1 cent per minute!

* Call Local Numbers From Abroad: You may have family or friends who live outside of your country. A virtual number allows them to call local numbers without having to pay international rates. Plus, it’s easier than explaining how Skype works!

* Keep Your Old Number: Moving abroad? Don’t worry about losing your phone number. You can keep your old phone number and still receive calls on it while traveling around. Just set up forwarding so that all incoming calls are sent to your new location.

* Make Some Extra Cash: Many businesses offer incentives for people to sign up for their service through a referral program where you get paid when someone signs up under you. With a virtual number, anyone in any country could sign up for whatever service you’re promoting…and give YOU credit!

3 ways you can save money with your virtual number

Saving money is often difficult, but it becomes harder when your paycheck is slashed by taxes and fees.

If you’re living abroad or regularly conduct business with customers in another country, don’t let paying taxes get in your way of success.

Use your virtual number to make and receive calls from American customers without incurring international charges! Here are three tips for saving money with a virtual number

• Ask friends and family to call your virtual number instead of calling your cell phone directly. With one simple request, you can save hundreds of dollars on calls every year.

For example, if an American friend typically calls you at home twice per month, asking them to call your virtual number instead could save you $30 each month—and $360 per year!

You can also encourage them to use video chat services like Skype if they want to see what you look like while talking.
What kind of Fanytel can I get? If you’re looking for an American number, you have two options:

1. You can use your existing mobile phone and receive calls through it.

2. You can purchase a separate device that lets you make and receive calls from anywhere in the world. If you already have a smartphone, your best option is to add an international calling plan that allows unlimited incoming calls from overseas.

This will allow friends and family to call your virtual number as if they were calling your cell phone directly—but at much lower rates!

2 ways to create an effective marketing campaign using your virtual number

Just getting your virtual number is only half of your first campaign. You’ll also need to have an effective marketing strategy that utilizes your phone number and turns it into something of value for potential customers.

Here are two ideas that you can use right away. If neither one works for you, come up with your own! Don’t be afraid to try new things and take risks.

Your customers will appreciate it, even if they don’t immediately know why. That way, when they do decide to purchase from you, they won’t feel like they got scammed or tricked into doing so—and that means repeat business down the road! Read more about Fanytel virtual numbers on our site.

#1: Launch a Text Message Marketing Campaign via Fanytel’s SMS Service . By using your virtual number as part of your marketing efforts, you’re not just providing people with another way to reach out to you –– you’re showing them how easy it is to do so.

They’ll be able to text in their order instead of calling or emailing, which might make them more likely to follow through and make a purchase since they don’t have to sit on hold for 10 minutes just waiting for someone else in customer service.

Plus, there are no pesky telemarketers getting in between you and your customers! Read more about our SMS service here.
#2: Use Your Virtual Number As an Interactive Live Chat Tool .

If you already have a website or online store, why not use your virtual number to offer live chat support?

You can set up an automatic call forwarding system that routes all incoming calls straight to one of your employees who can answer questions right away.

This also means that customers won’t be put on hold for long periods of time if they’re looking for assistance from multiple employees at once.

Plus, since it’s all automated and handled by software, there’s no need to hire extra staff members — which will save you money! Read more about our Call Forwarding services here.

1 way to use your virtual number as part of your sales process

Connect your virtual number to your email account and use it as part of your sales process by setting up an autoresponder sequence.

Create new emails with each step of your sales process and route them all through your virtual number.

For example, send an initial email, wait 24 hours, then send another email inviting prospects to call you, wait 48 hours and so on. For international sales prospects in particular, using a local phone number will help eliminate language barriers and minimize buyer’s remorse after signing on the dotted line.

Fanytel allows you to setup multiple voicemail boxes for each extension of your virtual phone number; be sure to record different greetings for each person who handles incoming calls so that you can personalize contact information.

You’ll also want to make sure that you’re accessible at certain times of day—if someone leaves a message outside of those times, don’t feel obligated to return their call immediately.

If they’re interested enough in what you have to offer, they’ll try again later or simply email you directly. As always, it pays to treat people well!

It is important that when dealing with customers, even when you are following-up via email or leaving messages on their answering machine (voicemail), that your tone remains friendly and helpful.

Never seem frustrated or annoyed because if customers get that impression from you it could cost you future business opportunities!

When speaking with customers over the phone always remain professional but friendly and upbeat—always smile when talking about your products!

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