2ndLine – Second Phone Number APK for Android

2ndLine is a free app that lets you get another phone number in the US or Canada on your smartphone and tablet with unlimited talk and text.

Main Feature:

• Add another line to your phone without a SIM card. Easily separate work and private life.
• Call and text any cell phone or landline in the US and Canada. No roaming charges.
• Free but paid subscription with premium features.

2ndLine is another phone number in the US or Canada, available on smartphones, tablets as a complete business phone system designed for mobile professionals, freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Use a separate number to talk and text anyone in the US and Canada over Wi-Fi or your existing cellular network on devices you and your team already own.

Local Phone Number
– Give your friends a personal phone number to call!

– Unlimited text and picture messaging
– You can send as many text messages as you want to the US and Canada, for free!
– Unlimited free calling to any phone in the US and Canada!

Key Feature:
☆ Make and receive voice calls
☆ Emojis, stickers and GIFs
☆ Full image communication: send, receive and save images!
☆ Voicemail Transcription: alphabetize your voicemail
☆ Caller ID
☆ Password: keep your messages locked
☆ Google SmartLock: no need to remember passwords
☆ Call forwarding
☆ Signature: add your signature to each text
☆ Customizable text tones, ringtones and vibrations
☆ Customizable backgrounds
☆ Set your own ringtones and wallpapers for personal contacts

☆ Quick reply to reply to friends easily (quickly)

☆ Unified inbox: send and receive your messages directly from 2ndLine – Use 2ndLine as a single SMS app!

☆ Reslient Calling is a unique feature of 2ndLine that allows our calls to choose the best route for your calls to improve quality.

You can use another line for specific calls and messages, such as a business service line.

The app allows you to send images, messages and texts as normal. Similar apps offer similar functionality, such as Snagit, Camtasia, ConnectWise Control, OPPO Clone Phone, and Prezi.

Second number
This app, developed by TextNow, provides a second phone number for your Android device in the US or Canada.

You can make or receive calls to anyone in Canada and the United States from your current cellular network using Wi-Fi or mobile data.

All calls in both countries are free, you only pay for the Internet connection.

You don’t need to download the app to your phone to receive texts and calls.

Only people who live in Canada or the US can download this app.

Main Feature
2ndLine – Another phone number app has many features besides cheap calls.

It allows you to set up voice messages and transcription, call forwarding, caller ID, passwords, and Google SmartLock accounts.

You can set wallpapers and ringtones and create groups to receive images and texts with your signature.

There is a quick reply feature and all messages are available in your regular inbox.

Calls and Messages
2ndLine will give you another local phone number for unlimited free calling to any phone number in the US or Canada.

You can make cheap international calls and send unlimited free text and picture messages.

Offers will be sent to your account to help you earn free money or add money yourself to make low-cost international calls.

Big Screen And Quality
The 2ndLine app can be used on a large PC screen with a keyboard and mouse for ease of use.

Your calls are routed through a flexible calling feature to improve quality.

Your second toll-free number in the US and Canada

2ndLine: A Second Phone Number for Android gives you a second number and allows free calls and texts to the US and Canada, as well as cheap international calls.

You can have another line of work or leisure without the need for a second SIM card or contract.

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