2nd Phone Number Calling Text For Android

2nd Phone Number Calling Text For Android

Get a second phone number to make quick calls and send text messages, no SIM card required for a second phone number Calls, SMS – Calls is the best app in the US today. Or get your UK phone number!

The second phone is great for use as a second line of business or as a private number for anonymous texting and calling. Crystal clear mobile VOIP WiFi calling or data usage.

You can now offer any choice for your personal, business and social life.

Your second phone number has free calling and text credit, which you can top up when needed.

Get a new second phone number in one of the following cities:

☆ U.K
☆ Canada
☆ Puerto Rico
☆ State of Israel
☆ Cayman Islands

There is a second call, SMS
– US Phone Number Free Trial: No Obligation Free Trial
– Offer a toll-free number: preferably a second business number
– Multiple phone lines in app: get second or 3 lines
– Choose your own phone number from millions
– Now send anonymous messages
– High cost of international calls
– High quality and clear voice calls
– SMS and SMS are expensive
– UK numbers now available!

Safe and Anonymous Line
Should you hide your phone number to avoid revealing your identity? Use a second phone, text message as a dirty phone number.

Now convert your phone numbers to text messages quickly and easily as a text burner or anonymous call without buying a real phone with a burner.

The second phone, text is also a great tool for private messaging and private texting.

Hide text messages in your app, separate them from Whatsapp or any other messaging app.

Use your second phone number for appointments, craigslist or business.

Now you can text and make calls from another phone number without revealing your real number!

New application number for WHATSAPP

Second call, text is one of the best solution for new phone number Whatsapp or Whatsapp Business.

Just install it, get your new phone number and use the app to get the SMS confirmation code.

True Nickel
Easy US Set up your number and receive toll-free, mobile or local US calls. This is a great example from the United States.

It can be used for joke calls, joke messages, or legitimate business purposes. Spoof calling your friends and play fake numbers with fake callers.

Your new phone number can be used to send and receive worldwide messages and calls.

The app has the option to automatically renew your subscription so you can access all features: – Weekly, monthly or quarterly subscription options – Purchases will be charged to your Play Store account.

– If your subscription is not cancelled 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period, the subscription will automatically renew.

– Subscriptions can be used and cancelled by going to your Play Store Account Settings after purchase.

– If you cancel your subscription, your subscription will remain active until the end of the subscription period and you will have access to all features of the subscription.

– Auto-renewal will be suspended and you will not be charged again, but your current subscription will not be refunded.

Text Vault is the best private SMS service with burning numbers Add as many phone numbers as you want to send SMS messages and destroy the rest at any time.

Text Vault is the best messaging app that protects your real phone number while writing text messages to keep your personal phone private.


☆ Get a private local phone number for texting and SMS.

☆ Sign up now and get free calls and texts

☆ Add multiple burnt phone numbers from US, UK, Canada and Australia

☆ Supports phone number confirmation service if you don’t want the correct phone number to appear when typing SMS

☆ Supports MMS and MMS

☆ Delete personal or all messages to protect privacy

☆ Set do not disturb schedule or privacy to hide text in messages

☆ Search phone numbers and calls

☆ Send international text messages to certain countries

☆ Temporary or permanent phone number

☆ Free texting if you use a second phone number

SMS Vault offers a free second private phone that protects your real phone and hides your caller ID.

Now you can message anyone, know that you can block them at any time, burn phone numbers, and if you just downloaded them, you can get a new second phone number.

Text Vault Phone app, you can text anyone who buys or sells with you on Craigslist, Ebay, or other online e-commerce sites or listings.

Today, your identity and callers are protected with new private text messages.

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